The South Pond Group

Who We Are
The South Pond Group is a community project committed to the improvement of South Pond and Jubilee Path, in Midhurst, West Sussex.

We joined together in the summer of 2012 because it was clear that the wildlife around the pond was seriously out of balance, and the potential of the South Pond area, as a more dynamic part of Midhurst life, was not being fulfilled.

We are proud of the 800-year history of South Pond, and want to do what we can to address its many challenges, so that its full potential is realised.

Our Vision
We see South Pond and Jubilee Stream as part of a thriving wildlife corridor that supports a healthy and varied range of plant and animal life, making the whole area an attractive and interesting place to visit and enjoy, and a source of pride for the people of Midhurst.

We see South Pond playing a larger role in bringing visitors to Midhurst, and contributing to the overall regeneration of the town.

What We Do
Together with our supporters (Chichester District Council, which owns the land, Midhurst Town Council and the South Downs National Park Authority), we have prepared a management plan which sets out how we will achieve this vision.

Our Focus
The priority is to improve the water quality and the natural habitat by addressing the pollution problem, removing weeds, and planting reed beds, a wide range of pond plants and wild flower meadows.

The Physical Environment
Improving or removing some of the concrete areas and providing information for the public by installing interpretation boards.

Community Involvement
Many individuals and local groups from the Midhurst area are already involved in achieving this vision, and we hope more and more will become engaged in the project, giving it the energy it needs.

Visit our activities page for more information on what we do, and up-coming events, and get involved if you can.


  1. Hi
    Like everyone else in Midhurst I have noticed all the work being done to improve South Pond, probably long overdue since the last attempt by CDC.
    I was wondering if the group had done any work on stopping silt entering the pond in the first place as well as the current dredging activities.
    There are a number of places where field run off causes large amounts of silt to enter the feeder stream, perhaps you may know of any work or projects being undertaken to address this problem.

  2. Dear Glenn
    I am so sorry that your comment was overlooked and we have not replied.
    The water as you know runs down off the downs and brings down silt off surrounding ground, farmers fields etc. South Downs National Park are working with local farmers to try to prevent some of this run off but we know that with the force of water coming down after heavy rain there will always be silt deposited.
    The channel which is being dug deeper through to the weir will help the flow and move the silt along but it is part of an ongoing plan for maintenance which because of the smaller space will be a more manageable task to remove this silt in future years.
    In the meantime other ideas are being considered.
    Do hope this information is useful and again apologies for not replying sooner.

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