Activities For 2020

We started the year by cutting back and clearing the small island to encourage low growth of plants around the beautiful Swamp Cyprus Tree. This meant we had to use our flat bottomed boat for access and clearance.
We also cleared some of the unwanted plants from the mud banks and the Grange Bank.

A bit of fun as well as hard work !

In March we sowed thousands of Yellow Rattle plants which weaken the grass allowing the wild flowers to grow on The Grange Bank.  This picture shows the yellow rattle flowers just opening in May.
Due to Covid19 we were asked by Chichester District Council to stand down from our voluntary activities.

Members continued to take photos as they visited the pond during lockdown.  So the Heron was taken enjoying an enormous fish in April.The water lilies started to flower in May and grow well which we planted to encourage wildlife and protection for them from ducks and geese.In June the Egyptian Geese who first arrived this year had their second brood of chicks.

We will let you know on here, via Facebook, and our noticeboards at the pond as soon as we have a new date for starting our work again.



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