1. Two thoughts:

    The stream feeding South Pond is also a terrible mess. Do your future plans cover any improvement to this?

    The enclosure on the south side of the pond has rather angular corners at its eastern side. This seems out of keeping with the rest of the work.


    William Knighton

  2. Have you considering installing an aerating weir at the North entry to the pond?

    It would be good to have your response to comments made, including my previous one.


    William Knighton

    1. Firstly, I apologise for the delayed response. In answer to your question though, the silt that was removed was part of the planned work. Salix (the contractor carrying out these works) were aware of the nesting goose and took extra care not to cause disturbance. Thankfully, the local geese are quite used to having people around and appeared to have not been too bothered by the nearby works.

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